Privacy Policy

Too Lean Design respects your privacy.

My apps do not collect any personal information. They do not track your location. They do not collect or transmit to third parties any of your data.

My website,, does not use cookies or any other means of tracking your visit.

If you contact me for support by email, social media, or the contact forms on, I will only use your contact information to correspond with you about your immediate concerns. I do not store your contact information for future unsolicited communication, or provide that information to any third parties.

App Data Security

My apps store data on your device that may also be copied to a cloud data service if you have enabled such a service. Because it is possible that security breaches expose this data, I briefly describe the data that each app stores below. None of my apps require you to store sensitive information. You are responsible for the security of any sensitive information you choose to store in any of my apps.


Please contact if you have any questions about this privacy policy.


I may change this privacy policy by posting future updates here. It is your responsibility to periodically review this policy to ensure it satisfies you.

Last Revised: June 28, 2020